Steve Jobs


On October 5th, 2011, Steve Jobs passed away.  I remember where I was when I found out…living in Florida, having just started my job at Walt Disney World the day before, and I remember being sad.   He had been responsible for some of the products that defined my generation– the iPod, the iPhone, and even this MacBook I’m using right now to type this post.

In the five years since his death, we have seen some pretty incredible things.  Siri, who is personally responsible for me not being lost most of the day, was released the day before he passed.  We’ve seen tablets get smaller and phones get bigger.  We’ve seen a watch make us feel like secret agents.  We’ve even seen the return of Jobs’ least-favorite thing, the stylus (now chicly named the Apple Pencil ), and we’re about to meet the end of headphone jacks.  As Tim Cook continues to navigate the company through rough waters, fans of Steve Jobs’ innovative legacy can only watch and wait to see what happens next, always looking forward to that one more thing.

Rest in Peace, Steve.

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