Tomorrow,  I have my second test for Discrete Math, and I can’t help but feel woefully unprepared.  I’ve always done well in math, but nothing like taking a 10-year break from sitting in any sort of math class to really shake your confidence, you know?  I’ve been studying a lot recently, and am simultaneously very proud of myself for developing some semblance of a study strategy and also very terrified that I’m doing this wrong.  Should I be spending more time studying the lectures?  Should I be focused on what’s in the book?  Do I need to go back and relearn logarithms because those seem to be all over the homework and I really don’t remember much about those except for alog(b) = log(b^a) and that log(x) < x.  Thank goodness that I decided to buy an old calculus text book for $15 this summer, because I’ve probably spent a quarter of my study time for this test just trying to scramble back through the hazier calculus concepts.

Seriously, though, these are the prettiest notes I've EVER taken in my life.

Seriously, though, these are the prettiest notes I’ve EVER taken in my life.

Still, no matter what happens with this test, I am still pretty proud of myself, because the alternate to this is somewhere in the less desirable side of Queens, New York trying to convince myself that getting harassed in the subway at three in the morning on the way to work is just part of paying my dues to work in broadcast journalism while blowing all of my money on Starbucks because in a strange way, it’s corporate consistency was the most comfortable thing I really could cling to– that Caramel Macchiato tastes just like it did back in Charlotte.  It was a single constant in a chaotic world and it kept me sane.  So yes, knowing what the alternate is, I’d rather be crying over a calculus book in my room than being licked by a drunk stranger on a subway platform* at 3am.

Alright, enough procrastinating.  To the Induction Proofs!!



*That really happened and maybe someday I’ll do a post of New York Stories and tell you all about Drunk Sebastian.

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