…And Then There Were Twenty-Seven

At the start of the semester, there were 59 students in my math class. Today is the last day to drop, and we are down to the final 27. Wow.

The second test *felt* better than the first test, but there was a big-O notation problem worth 9 points that I probably missed entirely and who knows how many partial credit points are going to be taken off (I’m sure there were more than a few mistakes in there since my strategy for the logarithm problems revolved on prayer and guessing), so I doubt I did as well as the first test. Honestly, the first test really was a surprise. I walked out of the first test feeling like a zombie that had been hit in the face with a brick, and I would have been happy to get anything above an 80. I don’t share out graces but it was higher than an 80 and I was shocked and thrilled. Actually, I checked the grade site half a dozen times just to make sure it wasn’t a mistake.

Post-test, I hung out with my friend who lives near campus and then chilled out in a very Parks and Recreation-style “treat yo self” evening at a hotel with wine, bubble bath, netflix, and no studying. <3

This class is definitely hard, but it doesn’t seem right that HALF of the class would drop. It kind of freaks me out. Hopefully they didn’t wise up and make the right choice while I’m chugging along headed straight for disaster. Choo choo, mother duckers.

Back home, I sort of took today off and vegged out and caught up on laundry and other things I’ve neglected since going into full study mode. Tomorrow it’ll be back to Java projects and math. 🙂

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